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David Cameron says something without seeking legal advice

The Prime Minister once said something in public without first seeking legal advice, it has emerged. Mr. Cameron uttered the unofficial communication last year, while eating with his family at a Pizza Express restaurant in Cheltenham.

Eye witness, Lesley James, 49, said: ‘He suddenly put his hand up in the middle of the meal and when the waiter came over he said: ‘can I have some extra dough balls, please’. Just like that. I was shocked.”

Mr. Cameron’s team of legal advisers reportedly pulled him to the ground and then gagged him with a pair of socks in the mouth. He was then hurried out of the restaurant through the back door.

Mr. Cameron issued the following statement in response to the allegations: ‘In 2013, while eating with my family in Pizza Express, I asked for extra dough balls without first consulting my legal team. That was dangerous and wrong and I apologise unreservedly.’

He added: ‘Everything else I ordered that evening went through a series of legal checks; even the jug of tap water.’

This is not the first time Mr. Cameron has caused a headache for his legal team. While visiting a primary school in 2012, he reportedly asked a group of boys if they knew where he could get some ‘good, very hard, pornography’.


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Posted: Jun 27th, 2014 by Guest

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