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Made-up law firms to sue Wonga for bringing them into disrepute

Non-existent law firms from throughout the UK are intending to take Wonga’s team of fictional legal practitioners to court for not being believable enough.

Idle threats, baseless accusations and abstract concepts are also expected to take legal action against Wonga for diminishing their effectiveness. Hefty out-of-court settlements have already been agreed with intimidating statements, such as: ‘My big brother will beat you up if you don’t do it’, and, ‘my dad is a black belt in Karate and will kick your dad’s head in’.

The ordinarily scrupulous payday lender inadvertently brought the questionable practise to the public’s attention, when a letter they sent from Tulkinghorne, Rumpole & Finch, was received by an astute debtor who immediately realised that the firm had the same PO Box as Wonga.

The company has been ordered to pay 2.6 million in compensation, but hope to recoup this money by suing the imaginary law firms they created. They escaped more severe financial penalties, as the majority of the offences were committed before the previous regulatory acronym, the FSA, had ceased to exist.


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Posted: Jun 28th, 2014 by Guest

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