Cameron and Hague relearning foreign policy by playing Risk

The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, having been caught flat-footed by recent geopolitical changes almost everywhere, have embarked on a marathon game of Risk to try and understand it all.

‘They wanted to work out what Putin really wants, whether we should actually bury the hatchet with Iran and oppose Sunni extremism despite the negative consequences to our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and what sort of changes to the structure of the EU Merkel and Hollande would agree to,’ explained one diplomat.

However after an hour they started arguing about how many reinforcements they were each allowed, before Cameron invaded Alaska from Kamchatka, which Hague insisted was ‘unsportsmanlike’. ‘Now Dave is just chucking tiny plastic cannons at William’s head, while William is threatening to go and play Dungeons & Dragons with Nick Clegg.’

Big Will

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