Writers in uproar at proposed ban on ‘revenge satire’

There was consternation amongst professional and amateur satirists today at the prospect of new legislation outlawing the posting of revenge satire on the internet. The new law will offer protection to celebrities whose previously close and intimate relationship with the public has been soured by revelations about their behaviour.

Currently, those who tout themselves around the public and media and revel in the subsequent adulation and attention can expect a serious internet-based arse kicking once their deviance and proclivities come out. In future, the new law would require that all piss taking and general schadenfreude would require the written consent of the sleazy groping nonce in question, before publication, and will need to be approved by the Leveson committee.

‘Back to knob jokes and posting beaver shots of my ex-girlfriend then’, said a spokesman.

Rob Armstrong

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Posted: Jul 4th, 2014 by

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