Glastonbury dog turns down Parton offer

A dog which was found abandoned at Glastonbury has turned down the chance to be adopted by Dolly Parton in the US saying it has no interest in working regular hours and would much rather just chase the odd tennis ball now and again or better still, sleep in front of the fire all day like it does here in the UK.

The white lurcher thanked Ms Parton for her kind offer but said all its previous owner expected him to do was bark when anybody came near his stash and to guide him home after the pubs closed, activities he felt he would miss if he were to be thrust into an American Country and Western lifestyle.

The dog added that if Ms Parton ever wanted to meet up again, chew a few sticks and sniff each others’ genital areas then he could be found most weekday mornings with his new owner selling The Big Issue in Taunton High Street.

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2014 by

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