India to erect statues of George Osborne

During his tour of India drumming up business, the Indian government has announced it is to honour UK Chancellor George Osborne with statues of him in some of the country’s holiest places.

A spokesman for the Indian government said the statues would be a ‘fitting tribute’ to ‘a great man’. Many Indians see striking parallels between Osborne and Mahatma Gandhi in both men’s belief in austere living, though it’s sometimes pointed out that whereas the Mahatma practised austerity on himself, Mr Osborne found greatness doling it out to other people.

Osborne’s tax on Cornish pasties, which almost sparked a Cornish uprising, is often compared to the Salt Tax and Gandhi’s protest in 1930.

But not all Indians are happy at the idea of an Osborne statue in their town. ‘I don’t want to be looking at him whenever I’m crapping in the gutter, it would put me right off,’ said one man.

When asked what he thought of the Chancellor’s humility, another said; ‘I think it would be a good idea.’

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