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Shakespearian play interrupts pointless phone call

Mobile phone user Lee Brown, has demanded an apology from the Globe Theatre, after a phone call with his girlfriend regarding developments in a gripping Eastenders storyline was “drowned out” by actors reciting MacBeth on stage.

There was stunned silence as the 23 year old from Wapping, stood and glared at leading man Sebastian De Livre, who continued to deliver lines despite hearing Mr Brown’s ‘alien invasion’ ringtone indicating the incoming call.
Protocol dictates that performances should ‘pause’ when a member of the audience is required to receive or make a mobile phone call, with actors being reminded to switch off all creative or emotional attachment to a play in this event.

The incident follows outrage in 2013, when an Australian tourist needing ‘the can’ missed “the bit with the wall” in A Midsummer Nights Dream as actors “carried on regardless” after failing to notice the man stand to go to the toilet.


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Posted: Jul 14th, 2014 by Guest

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