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State of Anarchy in the Middle East fails to attract Anarchists

Despite a golden dawn for chaos and violence, many self-proclaimed Anarchists seem unwilling to visit the new melting pot of human values.

Ex-punk rocker Spittle was quoted as being ‘too busy down the pub’ to join in, while members of the feared Bader mein Fader terrorist cell are all too involved in media work right now to find the time.

‘We’re more sort of, anarchists in an artistic sense’ explained one man who was too terrified of being forced to do something anarchistic to be identified. ‘If it involves banners and slogans and stuff, maybe even a bit of glaring and shouting, we’re there, but anything further than that, well, that’s all a bit irresponsible isn’t it. We wouldn’t want to upset anyone.’

However, tattoo parlours countrywide are reporting a boom in supportive tattoos as messages such as ‘Isis Is Ok’ are painted on any un-filled areas.

vulture1 (hat-tip Adrian Bamforth)

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Posted: Jul 14th, 2014 by Guest

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