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Cameron based reshuffle on Marvel comics’ rebranding of Thor as a woman

Claims emerged today that the Prime Minister’s entire reshuffle strategy was based upon the Marvel Comics’ character Thor being recast as a woman.

‘This had nothing to do with gender balance or equity’, said a Westminster spokesman dressed as Spiderman. ‘We saw an opportunity to completely refresh and rebrand the cabinet as mixed gender superheroes. Obviously, this is far easier now Gove has gone as he had more of the look of a ventriloquist’s dummy than Superman, but with Esther McVey in full leather as catwoman we just can’t lose’.

Nobody was available from Boris Johnson’s office to comment on the rumour that he’d been seen scaling the walls of 10 Downing Street, pawing at the windows, dressed as Batman.


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Posted: Jul 17th, 2014 by Guest

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