Foreign students thrive in UK heatwave

The seasonally warm weather is giving those hosting teenagers from southern Europe welcome respite from incessant whinging.

‘Pedro and Sebastian are well mannered, lovely lads’ said Mrs Brown, 45, of Worthing. ‘However, we get pretty fed up with them constantly whining that they’re cold when it’s a positively balmy 19 degrees. They just do not get the concept of a good vest and cardigan.’

 ‘We are very excited that the sky is staying blue’ said Nuria Andrue from Barcelona. ‘It is very strange here. We go in the morning and the sun is shining, but when we leave the bus for school it is cold. I do not understand this country.’

Language school proprietors also gushed with glee at the prospect of a lull in daily discussions about wierd weather and reduced risk of hypothermic students.

‘It just makes our life so much easier when it’s hot. It’s a constant challenge for our group leaders to ensure students can focus on study and activities when all they want to do is shiver,’ said Annika Carlsson from Brighton Language College.

The relief will be short lived. Temperatures are set to plummet to 20 degrees next week.


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