Shortest ever middle-east ceasefire proposed

After countless ceasefires have been broken, UN peacebrokers are proposing a 30 second ceasefire, timed for 4am on a Tuesday, in the hope that this time all participants might be able to actually resist firing for the entire duration of the ceasefire, and it won’t be necessary to sigh and report about another ceasefire ‘broken’.

However, Hamas and other Palestinian groups are said to be gearing up to launch everything that they possibly can during the 30-second ceasefire window, and Israeli troops are poised on high alert, ready to get their response in before the end of the 30 second timer. It is as yet unclear exactly how much ‘peace wall’ can be built in Palestinian territory during 30 seconds, but there are rumours that formula-one-pitstop style routines are being rehearsed in readiness.


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