Turkey still bitter that Trojan Horse ‘wasn’t a proper gift’


Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, allowed historic bitterness to get the better of him today during a speech at an interim meeting with the European Commission over Turkey’s accession into the EU.

When asked about his county’s relationship with the other member states, he responded, ‘I think we’ll get along great with all of them; except those underhand, conniving Greeks.’ Even though the Trojan War took place over 3000 years ago, Mr Erdogan believes that the wound of humiliation still hasn’t healed. ‘Our ancestors truly believed that the Trojan War was finally over with the gift of that giant wooden horse,’ said the Premier.

The Turks felt that the double blow of the horse not actually being a gift, while also being hoodwinked by the Greek army has not only left them looking stupid and naïve but also left them minus a few top historical monuments. ‘I’m not saying they should apologise, but a gift is a gift, not a cheap confidence trick.’ The Greeks made no comment, preferring to let historical disagreements stay in the past.

However a spokesman in Athens did laugh saying, ‘those silly Turks never learn, we’ve had a one-man version of a Trojan Horse disguised as a hostess trolley that goes in and out of their UN office all the time. Our spy just has a quick snoop around; we need to keep an eye on them in case they try and steal Cyprus.’


31st July 2007

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