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Mazher Mahmood poses as ‘reliable witness’

Mazher Mahmood, known as ‘the fake journalist’, yesterday pulled off his greatest sting by posing as a reliable witness to expose the ‘gross efficiencies and competences’ at the heart of the British justice system.

In an elaborate hoax conducted during a high profile drugs trial, Mahmood fooled the counsel for the prosecution, and the one for the defence, and his employers, into thinking that he was a 100% trustworthy witness. It was only due to a freak carriage of justice that his ruse was uncovered by the trial judge.

‘My intention all along was to shine a light on the dark underbelly of the British justice system. This I did, managing to show that it’s quite a bright underbelly in which everything works quite well most of the time,’ said Mr Mahmood from behind a screen hastily erected using his hands.


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Posted: Jul 22nd, 2014 by Guest

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