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Alice Cooper ‘relishing’ prospect of annual UK royalty cheque

Thanksgiving, Christmas and his birthday are all important events in Alice Cooper’s calendar. But none hold as much pleasure for him as the day on which the majority of UK schools shut for the summer holidays. Because that is when radio stations up and down the land give his chart-busting single ‘School’s Out’ its annual airing.

And just a matter of weeks after that, a handsome royalty cheque (or ‘check’, as the US pop star would spell it) is paid into his account. In good years the total amount can be as high as $62.

His other UK hit, 1972′s ‘Elected’, would garner royalties in the UK only once every four or five years were it to receive any airtime, but it doesn’t.


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Posted: Jul 23rd, 2014 by Guest

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