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Prince Charles busted in ‘Operation Poppyseed’ dawn raid

Drug Squad officers swooped in co-ordinated dawn raids on the Royal Family today after removing a quantity of poppyseed cake from secluded Highgrove House, the Gloucestershire home of Prince Charles. Minutes later several horses were taken into care from Princess Anne’s mansion at Gatcombe Park after testing positive for heroin – whilst a muzzled corgi, foaming at the mouth and barking obscenities, was seen being led away from Buckingham Palace.

Sniffer dogs from Scotland Yard’s Operation Poppyseed Squad reportedly located a 50kg hoard of uncut poppyseed cake in cellar refrigerators at Highgrove. ‘We suspect the Duchy Royal brand has withheld this product from their supermarket racket and kept it for private consumption,’ suggested DCI Ted Arthur.

Lenny Bee

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Posted: Jul 23rd, 2014 by Guest

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