Man recalls ‘thrill and disorientation’ on using office toilets on another floor

Jason Westly, 43, of Shoreditch has told of the slightly different layout and fixture design of toilets three floors above his usual loos.

Still reeling from the faint sense of invasion (‘it almost like using the ladies’ bogs’) and buzz of the novelty in the look and feel of the place, Mr Westly raved about the ‘driers where you have to press a button while the ones I normally use are automatic’.

He added: ‘The toilet rolls are on the other side, which is rubbish, and the doors are black whereas I’m used to light grey. Also, they have toilet brushes there and I’ve never seen one on our floor.’ He even noted that the tiling was at least a few years newer than on the floor he uses on a daily basis.

On discussing the matter with colleagues, he heard that there’s a shower in the top floor toilets and so Jason promised to get back to us on the experience there and ran to the lift.


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