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Metropolitan Police admit to ‘investigating crime’

Met to get back to good old-fashioned snooping, discreditingIn the latest revelation set to further besmirch the name of Britain’s largest police force, the Met has conceded that it diverted resources away from the fight against justice campaigners in order to tackle crime.

At a press conference, Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-O’Hooligan confirmed mounting speculation that police were increasingly targeting known and suspected criminals, but was eager to put the practice into context. ‘I am in no way condoning what has happened, but it is worth pointing out that this was just a few bad apples acting alone and without authorisation. It is now firmly in the past, and moving forward I will ensure every officer upholds the highest standards of the Metropolitan Police by focusing their investigative resources solely on spying on and discrediting those people who seek to establish the truth about cases in which the Met is involved.’

The police have defended their recent record, in the context of the pressure faced by the force in the current economic climate. ‘The serious budget cuts we’ve had to absorb have made it much harder for us to do the traditional police work expected of us, such as shooting innocent by-standers, spying on their families, attempting to cover this up and then launching a doomed damage-limitation PR exercise.  With all this going on, it is no surprise that one or two maverick officers might be led astray to investigate a burglary or car-theft.

A reporter who asked whether disciplinary procedures would be brought against the officers involved was discreetly followed home after the press conference.


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Posted: Jul 24th, 2014 by Guest

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