Claims Direct appointed to solve Gaza crisis

A team of crack lawyers from Claims Direct has been dispatched to Gaza on a mission to solve the crisis there on a ‘no win, now flee’ basis. They aim to help thousands of people who have suffered an injury at work, at home, in a bunker or on a beach, that was not their fault.

‘This could be the peace breakthrough everyone has been waiting for,’ said one UN observer.  With an arm injury netting up to £191,500 for the injured party, the hope is that just the presence of the Claims Direct injury experts in the area will have a highly sobering effect on anyone prepared to lob missiles, grenades or rude and hurtful insults over the fence at their neighbours.

But the task force faces stiff opposition from rivals InjuryLawyers4U, a rival legal firm who have vigorously asserted their legal historic claim to pursue compensation cases in the region.  With two sets of lawyers involved, the conflict could drag on for another 3,000 years or until one side is bankrupt, (which will be Thursday week for the Palestinians).

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