Prince George rules Lego world with an iron fist

The Queen and senior members of the Royal Family have spoken of their ‘delight’ today after an official video showed one-year-old Prince George ruling his Lego kingdom with an authoritarian zeal unseen since the early Stuart period.

The proud great-grandfather Prince Philip said: ‘We built him a Parliament with little Lego Lords sitting in it, and a nice big palace, and he smashed the lot to pieces using his little fellows with crowns on. It was jolly good sport. He looks at that Playmobil David Cameron with a really steely glint in his eye. It’s most encouraging.’

In the video, released shortly after the Prince’s first birthday, the Duchess of Cornwall is seen giggling as George stamps on a crowd of Lego minifigure protesters arranged peacefully outside the Lego Palace of Westminster, kicking the broken remains towards a scurrying equerry.

‘I hope Charles sees this,’ she says to the camera. ‘He could learn a thing or two. Still, we won’t have that long to wait, will we? Who’s for gin?’


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