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Driverless cars allowed on UK roads, once they have turned 17

Driverless cars won’t be allowed on Britain’s roads until they have passed their test, said a spokesman for the Department of Transport.  And in the latest setback to the rapid introduction of the high-tech vehicles, it was revealed that the cars would not be allowed to apply for their test until they are at least 17-years-old and covered in acne. This could delay their introduction until 2031.

Until then, playing driving games, reading motoring magazines, watching Top Gear and buying furry dice and air fresheners is a close as the vehicles will get to real motoring.  Local authorities have voiced concern that such a long period of pent-up frustration could lead to cars stealing themselves, joy-riding and doing do-nuts while uninsured.

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Posted: Aug 5th, 2014 by Boutros

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