Married men delighted with return of ‘The Great British Bake Off’

After an agonisingly long wait, married men up and down the country were delighted to see the return of the BBC’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ last night.

‘It’s been wall-to-wall sport in our house over the last few months, what with the golf, World Cup and the Commonwealth Games’, said father of two, Scott. ‘The wife just sits there all day in her sweat pants watching it with crates of lager. Not enough comfort TV on nowadays if you ask me,’ he added.

Men, in particular married men, have really taken to the pedestrian pace of watching macaroons rise in the oven, and Mary Berry giving expert advice on tempering white chocolate. ‘There’s something about watching an amateur chef battling with an egg custard that really helps me relax after a long day in work’, said newly wed, Thomas. ‘I sometimes grab a bottle of vino and invite the lads round’.

He added: ‘And what about that Mary Berry? I would. The show also has the comedy factor too, with Mel and Sue’s ‘soggy bottom’ innuendos. Women don’t get it; they lack the emotion.’

According to a survey carried out by the Radio Times, last year’s final attracted nine-million viewers, most of which were said to be married men looking for ‘escapism’ and ‘me time’.  Wife and mum Jennifer said: ‘You have to let your husband have a bit of time to himself now and again’.

‘Plus it gives me time to go online to watch porn and visit dating sites. Result.’


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