‘Yes’ on Scottish independence ‘more likely’ as Boris Johnson heads for Parliament


Alex Salmond’s campaign for an independent Scotland was bolstered this week, as Mayor of London Boris Johnson announced he’ll be standing as MP in the 2015 general election, with his eyes set firmly on Number 10.

Johnson’s unexpected announcement was met with dismay by many north of the border, with even the most outspoken of anti-independence campaigners beginning to find reason in Salmond’s rhetoric. Scotland’s younger generation have also been affected by the news, as many begin reconsidering their outlook.

‘It’s a tough decision; I mean, what if he gets the top job?’ said concerned first time voter, Tim McGuire. ‘On the one hand, independence will almost certainly cast us into unchartered economic waters, but on the other hand, our lives could be in the hands of a man whose middle name is ‘de Pfeffel’. I might just take a gap year to Basra or something’.

Many celebrity heavyweights have also been quick to voice their concerns following Thursday’s news. ‘This is a huge mistake’, said Rolling Stone and ‘pro-no’ campaigner, Mick Jagger. ‘Trying to persuade Scotland to remain in the UK after letting someone like Boris stand as MP, is a bit like persuading your friends to come over for dinner just after you’ve contracted the Ebola virus. Chances are you’ll be dining solo’.

Genealogy specialists Ancestry.com have also been impacted by the Mayor’s plans, claiming that their membership sign-ups reached an ‘all time high’ on Thursday evening. ‘We saw a huge spike of England-based users subscribing to our service’, explained website administrator, Michelle Dixon.

‘It seems that, the prospect of Boris Johnson having even more power has created a rush of people desperately trying to establish even the faintest of Scottish ancestry, presumably so they have the emigration option, should anything bad happen’.

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