ISIS rebrand to IS ‘a great success’, as group vanishes from Google results

The well-known barbarian horde has declared today that the work of its image consultants in reimagining its brand has ‘exceeded all expectations’. Focus groups drawn from key stakeholders including Al Qaeda, the CIA, IDF and the Victim Support Group, were consulted about a range of options including ISWAS and OMFG, before settling on ‘IS’.

As Google ignores common words such as ‘is’, the new brand effectively mitigates the risk of searches highlighting the group’s beheadings, forced child marriages and other atrocities. ‘This can only be good for my client’s image’, said Justin Urquhart of Nu Yu Brand Consultants.

Based on the IS success of vanishing under Google’s radar, Al Qaeda is now considering a similar rebranding to ‘A’, he claimed.

‘There was also strong support for the addition of an exclamation mark – IS! – as respondents felt this made the group seem more vibrant and in-touch with the under 18 demographic’, continued Justin, ‘however we decided to keep this in reserve as a title for the forthcoming musical.’


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