ISIS celebrates becoming top lazy political analogy

anyone with other views considered 'worse than Hitler'

Islamic State, the militant Islamist group formerly known as ISIS, is celebrating the news that it has officially overtaken Nazi Germany as the standard comparative device for evil used on internet discussion forums.

Where once forum threads on subjects such as politics, sociology or Star Wars prequels traditionally imploded on the introduction of tenuous connections between certain viewpoints and the Third Reich, observations like ‘that sort of thing is exactly what led to ISIS’ have seen a massive increase in the last two months, in line with the rapid success of the murderous batshit-crazy Islamist regime across the Middle East.

Analysts believe this development was actually planned part of Islamic State’s long-term plan to dominate not only the Islamic territories, but also the realms of hyperbole and linguistics in their efforts to become the least sympathetic religious or political group on the planet.

A spokesperson for the group reacted to the news by posting online: ‘This has come as no surprise to us. Islamic State is best. God is great. God is great. God is great. The unbelievers shall be slaughtered. The Nazis were amateurs. Who were the Nazis anyway?’

Professor of linguistics Henry Atkin commented: ‘With the gradual fading of the Second World War from living memory, it was inevitable that the National Socialists of the 1930s would one day be usurped by younger genocidal maniacs as the political meme of choice for attention-seeking internet users.’

‘However,’ he added, ‘in my view these crude analogies represent a threat to the quality of online debate, as more and more people are bullied into viewing the world only in terms of polarised moral certainties with no scope for gradation or nuance – which is exactly the kind of thing which led to the Nazis.’

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