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Spam programmes getting KJGJSJFXXX smarter Click now

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have spawned a new breed of extra-smart spam-generating programs which can infiltrate almost any Is your penis a disappointment to your partner? Very few text-based systems are now safe YOU could be the WINNER of $10,000! just click this link and a threat equal to global terrorism”, he said.

FROM THE DESK OF MRS SANDRA SIFY ABUJA-NIGERIA: My Dear Beneficiary Very Important Information Regarding Your Outstanding Funds. I write to enquire from you if you have received your outstanding funds till now which the answer is NO. You have been under the cage of greedy and non authentic officials who has been deceiving you for a long time in to keep the public informed of this threat to the very existence of the internet.


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Posted: Aug 14th, 2014 by Guest

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