Adobe to launch new ‘F*ck Off’ option

Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader updater programmes will give users an extra choice from Monday. In tests, users responded favourably to the addition of new button to supplement the standard ‘Remind Me Later’ and ‘Install Now’.

‘Users chose the ‘Fuck Off’ button over the standard range in 99% of tests,’ said a blogger for the annoying computer software giant. ‘We trialled various options, including ‘Fuck Right Off’, ‘NO! JUST-FUCK-OFFFFF!’ and the more polite ‘Off You Fuck’, but the straightforward ‘Fuck Off’ button was a sure and steady performer.’

Plans to include a ‘Delete This Shit’ button have now been shelved due to the success of the ‘Fuck Off’ button. The Adobe blog does not go into detail about the effect of clicking the ‘Fuck Off’ button, simply commenting ‘Users will find out in the fullness of time’.

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