Reliance on solar power could lead to wars over sunlight, warns expert

May once again have to fight them on the beaches.

As Britain and other industrialised nations become increasingly hooked on solar energy, our reliance on the sun could see the country sucked into unwinnable wars, and sleepwalking into the dark ages, claimed controversial author Tony Harrington at the launch of his new book, ‘The Nights are Drawing In’.

A backlash against alternative energy sources is now being predicted as newspapers have been quick to leap on the claims of the book. The Daily Mail has been accused of running a smear campaign against the sun, linking it to causing cancer, and the red top tabloids are fostering international tension by declaring that Germany is secretly knitting a towel the size of the Costa del Sol in preparation for a pre-dawn raid to claim huge swathes of the continent’s solar resources for themselves.

The Harrington research flies in the face of accepted thinking, and the latest declarations from government that alternative sources of fuel are a vital weapon in minimising the country’s reliance on external suppliers. Conservative Energy Minister Greg Barker has recently declared that, ‘The UK must never again find itself in a position as it has with oil supplies in the past, where its economic well-being is in the hands of shifty nations with dictator-led crackpot governments — like the Scots.’ However, Harrington has painted a nightmare scenario where Britain, short-sightedly expecting the supplies of currently plentiful sunshine to last forever, finds itself in social and economic turmoil ‘sometime around October when the clocks go back’.

‘Availability of sunlight will dwindle, yet the demand for electricity among the latte-swilling iPad-using political elite in London will continue to rise unabated,’ warns Harrington. ‘This could spark social unrest — and potentially civil war — after an invasion to ‘liberate’ Eastbourne, based solely on spurious claims that the sunny seaside town could unleash a train full of pensioners on the capital in less than 45 minutes’.

But Harrington says that there is still hope, as a rising number of households elect to build mini oil refineries in their own gardens. However, the conclusions of his ‘entirely independent’ research suggest that this will not be enough and that ultimately ‘some brave multinational corporation will have to step up, and lead the fight against the dangerously powerful force of the elements, and their track record of hostility towards these isles.’

Harrington’s book, featuring a foreword by Tony Hayward, is now available in all good petrol station forecourts.

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