Swan breaks child’s arm

A swan has broken the arm of 7-year-old Peter Blakerton, who had got too close to the bird despite being repeatedly warned about the potential consequences.

His father, Geoff, said; “I’ve told him time and time again that this could happen but did he listen, no he didn’t. Let this be a warning to others.”

The child was understandably distressed and in quite a lot of pain at the time and his father tried to lighten the mood. “He was pulling such a face with the shock of it all and all I said was that if the wind changed it would stay like that, when blow me if the wind didn’t change and his face got stuck like that,” he said, “So that’s another job for A&E to sort out.”

Young Peter is now back home where he’s recovering well on the sofa, watching some TV. “Look at him, quite content. He’s just been sitting there for hours now,” said his father. “And I can see his eyes getting squarer and squarer by the minute. But after the day he’s had, I haven’t got the heart to mention it.”

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