Foreign Office; ‘Ecuador can keep Assange as long as they take Galloway as well’

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In a move that has surprised most but pleased many, the British Government has given Ecuador one final option to resolve the current diplomatic crisis. They can keep Julian Assange, but have to take George Galloway as well.

Assange, who was due to be extradited to Sweden for questioning over sexual assault allegations, was given political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Although many expected the political fallout, the lack of oil and dictators involved meant nobody could have predicted Galloway’s mouth opening.

The Respect MP has released a podcast that defends the sexual practices of Mr Assange. Mr Galloway tells listeners that he believes ‘sex with Mr Assange was like my experience in the Big Brother house. I got shafted over and over again but only had to sign one consent form.’

This is not the first time Galloway has backed unpopular characters. In the lead up to the Iraq War, Mr Galloway sympathised with Saddam Hussain. He told Iraqi State television ‘when a citizen declares he would die for his country, he shouldn’t have to be asked again before testing chemical weapons on him and his village. His initial consent means it’s not genocide.’

However, the ‘2 for 1’ deal being offered by William Hague has not worked as well as hoped, with Ecuador offering to hand Assange back to Britain, as long as the Bradford West MP comes nowhere near the Embassy, or South America. This had led to reports that Police are planning to storm the building to smuggle Galloway in.

Despite this set back, there is one last bit of hope for the authorities. Since the plans to put Galloway in the same room as himself, Assange has reportedly offered to pay for his own ticket to Sweden to hand himself in. He told reporters from a balcony at the Embassy ‘you would have thought with all the stuff I could leak about him, I could embarrass him into silence, but after watching him on Big Brother, I know I could never compete with that.’

20th August 2012

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