God nominates Jesus for Ice Bucket Challenge

Nearly 2000 years after his last appearance on earth, Jesus has been tasked by his Father, the Holy Sprit, to perform the Ice Bucket Challenge.


After saving mankind with his crucifixion, he now faces the daunting task of being soaked by the Almighty from on high with a bucket of ice cold water. Jesus has been waiting for his second resurrection to earth and it is believed that he has been asked by God to make an appearance and show the world that he is still a good egg, plus raise a few bob for charity.


Rumours are spreading that God wants it to top any of the challenges performed so far, including those by George Bush and Tom Cruise. He has a well documented history of arranging literally biblical sized events, including very large storms, plagues, and even creating the Universe. For this reason it is believed the challenge will quickly become a YouTube favourite.


There is however concern amongst some that whilst the world is in turmoil, the challenge should not be God’s number one priority. However, God Himself pointed out that as he gets credit for everything remotely good, such as curing one person of ebola whilst thousands of others die, it really makes no difference what he does.


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