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Man still being studiously ignored in room full of elephants

Despite hovering by the peanuts and desperately trying to make eye contact, Dave Harris is still finding it hard to get noticed by the largely elephantine occupants of The Room.

It’s a turn of events he wasn’t expecting. Even wearing a plastic badge carrying the slogan ‘Ask Me About Doughnuts’ and offering a plate of free samples still failed to generate any interest. But Harris refuses to give up.

‘I can see the irony of the situation,’ he says, ‘and I know how they’re feeling too. I imagine that’s something the elephants won’t forget in a hurry.’

Many of the elephants refused to acknowledge there was anything unusual at all taking place. Most avoided the subject, preferring to talk about more mundane issues such as ear sizes, prejudice between Indian and African elephants and getting their baby’s names down for a place in a good circus.

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Posted: Sep 1st, 2014 by ronseal

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