Boris defends plan for underwater airport

London Supermayor Boris Johnson has attacked critics who derided his plans for an underwater airport and International Rescue facility on a concealed island in the Thames.

‘Cripes! What these johnnies don’t see is the vast international need for submersible aircraft capable of carrying out humanitarian missions at the drop of a hat. Just one example; there’s a volcano in Iceland which could erupt at any minute. How great would it be if we could send a rescue craft whooshing up from beneath the Thames to rescue all the Icelanders?’

Critics have pointed out that millions of pounds have already been wasted on feasibility studies and architects’ plans based on those drawn up by the late Gerry Anderson.  But Johnson accused his critics of lacking ambition, insisting that the problems of 21st century needed vision and imagination. ‘Problems like radio-active Martians attacking London, while Thunderbird 4 blows them out of the sky before returning to Atlantis International Airport!’


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