FIFA 15 game to feature bribery and corruption

The new FIFA 15 football game, due to be released next month on Xbox and PS, will be the most realistic yet, claim developers.

‘All previous versions of the game have concentrated on actually playing football,’ explained EA Sports’ Rick Tandy, ‘but that’s not what FIFA’s really about. In the new game you can experience what it’s like to be FIFA President Sepp Blatter or any of the other dodgy FIFA delegates. Gamers will be able to give and accept bribes, award World Cup Finals to completely unsuitable countries and justify racism and sexism just like the real administrators of the sport.’

‘I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy’, said gamer Stuart Gordon, who has already started a queue outside his local branch of Game. ‘It sounds awesome. I’m already looking forward to doing fucking ridiculous things like organising a tournament in the desert in the middle of summer then setting up an enquiry to brush the scandal of all the bribes I’m going to be accepting under the carpet.’

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