Islamic State releases iPhone 6 bending video

In their latest attempt to taunt the west, terrorists from the Islamic State have released a video showing a masked fighter deliberately bending a brand new iPhone 6.

The ‘deeply harrowing’ footage shows a pristine handset being subjected to brutal strength that distorts and deforms its delicate aluminium shell. The video fades to black and after a brief message denouncing Western imperialism the iPhone is shown again, this time with a black screen and a spider’s web of fractures on the glass panel.

‘We demand military action straight away,’ said a spokesman for Apple products users. ‘No phone lasts forever, but the knowledge that it can be taken away so quickly and in such a brutal way is going to lead to sleepless nights for many.’ Stephen Fry was reported to be too upset to comment.

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Posted: Sep 25th, 2014 by

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