Doctor’s receptionists now better qualified than doctors, says NHS

Receptionists in most doctor’s surgery’s are better qualified than the medical staff they support, says a recent NHS report.

‘It can be embarrassing at times,’ said one patient, ‘having to remove my trousers and underpants in the waiting room so that the receptionist could see the suppurating pustules on the end of my knob, but that over I breezed into the quack’s office with a diagnosis and recommendation for the correct antibiotics no problem.’ he said. ‘All that the doc had to do was prescribe me Statins due to me being in the target age range of zero to infinity and that was it.’

Doctors are pleased with the transition, too. Doctor Ahmed Khan explained ‘Ten years ago I had half the patients and double the workload; now all I have to do is check the diagnosis and, if we differ, let the receptionist update Wikipedia on my behalf.’

Not everybody is happy with the migration of skill-sets though. A spokeswomen for UNISON complained that, ‘receptionists have enough to do day-to-day misfiling records, not answering phone calls and painting their nails without having to add the doctor’s workload.’

An unnamed receptionist in a typical surgery in North Wales disagreed however, saying ‘We simply believe we know better than doctors,’ with a knowing smile.


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