Computer scenes must be ‘realistic in films’ says EU

EU rules coming into force in the New Year have angered movie makers. From next year actors are not going to be allowed to ‘just switch on’ a computer; instead it has to go through the usual start up scripts, hang, rebooting and then inform the actor that update 1 of 125 is being installed. ‘We think it will add additional tension into plotlines as the hero waits for Adobe Acrobat to reinstall’ explained one EU policy maker.

‘The legislation also insists that magazines have a finite and realistic number of bullets, shooting sidewards, ignoring the perfectly well designed gun sights, will not appear to be more accurate than well aimed shots, and all combatants will henceforth have similar resistance to small arms fire, regardless of whether they are a goody or a baddy,’ he added, whilst admitting that the ludicrous plotline where a fire alarm button inexplicably causes sprinklers to go off, creating a diversion as scantily clad young women run through the mist in slo-mo will remain. ‘I get my rocks off on that imagery’ he grinned.


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