Labour’s plan to put a family GP ‘in every home’

Ed Miliband has announced a bold and far-reaching plan to put a fully qualified family GP in every home. What’s more, the embedded GP will be expected to pay rent to sleep on the sofa or indeed ‘anywhere suitable between 17 and 22 degrees’, which would be a much-needed source of extra income for struggling families.

The ‘home doctors’ will be able to give advice 24 hours a day. Once the scheme has been taken up, a Labour government would then abandon the overworked NHS phone lines which are expensive to run. It is expected that visits to A&E would decline substantially with expert medical help on tap right in the home.

The scheme has already attracted criticism from some who say there will be a shortage of qualifed medical practitioners to meet the demand of one GP per household. But the Leader of the Opposition had this to say on the subject:

‘Listen. A sord how kway neerrrrrr off and woowahh because time wool tell, a cwoffen cwib n dat farly could only fairy manker in sharm which.’

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