MythBusters investigate whether masturbation can make you go blind

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, creators of the science entertainment TV show MythBusters, have responded to repeated criticism that they are just overgrown kids playing with toys by investigating more grown-up topics, starting with the sticky topic of whether onanism affects eyesight.

The episode sees team member Grant Imahara undergo a thorough eye examination before taking up residence for a month in a specially constructed ‘wanking booth’, with a high-speed internet connection and a healthy supply of lube. The usual message warning viewers ‘Don’t try this at home’ was left out as it was years too late for many people.

Although Hyneman has revealed that Imahara’s right forearm now looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, he refused to disclose the results of the eyesight tests. MythBusters fans, however, are inclined to think that the theory will prove false, given that Piers Morgan has never worn glasses despite having been a complete wanker for decades.


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