Emperor’s New Clothes update: more victims come forward to complain of indecency

Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairytale Squad has announced that new evidence has emerged over alleged indecent exposure by The Emperor in a distressing streaking incident recorded several centuries ago.

The Emperor is accused of parading naked in a public place, even though he claims he was under the impression he was dressed in the finest clothes money could buy.  At least one child is known to have seem him naked, as the boy loudly pointed this out to the assembled crowd.

The Emperor’s defence team have said that the events have to placed in a cultural and historical context. ‘It was a different time then.  Wolves dressed up as old ladies; an innocent girl could live with seven dwarves and nobody thought anything weird about it.’

The Emperor has been persuaded to pay for the finest legal team that money can buy, and everyone agrees that their use of complex legal jargon and Latin phrases must make them the cleverest people in the land.

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