Scotland votes in favour of merger of Brian Coxes

Brian Cox the actor and Dr Brian Cox the scientist will become one single unitary Brian Cox, the result of a unique referendum held in Scotland. Hitherto, the existence of an English and Scottish Cox has resulted in ‘needless duplication’ on both sides of the border, say critics. The new single Cox will play British heavies in middlebrow American action movies, grin at how wonderful science can be and exercise increased tax raising powers, sometimes simultaneously.

The seven hour operation to conjoin the Coxes, the first of its type to be done in the UK, will take place at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge, and is expected to be filmed in its totality, to be voiced over live by Cox themselves/himself. Doctors say if it goes well, the actress and model Kate Moss and the novelist Kate Mosse could be next to undergo the same process, although the surplus ‘e’ could spell problems during aftercare, and may have to be incinerated at extremely high temperature, or deleted in a specially adapted Microsoft Word

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