Emily Thornberry goes into standby mode after sending last image

Labour MP Emily Thornberry has shut herself down and gone into standby mode after a sudden loss of power. Labour Party Central say that they lost contact with Thornberry on Friday shortly after travelling to Rochester and believe the shut-down may be a result of having spent too long in the shadow cabinet after a long political journey.

‘It’s disappointing’ said Labour Party spokesman Fenton Barnes ‘but we knew there was a risk that this could happen. Fortunately Emily managed to send one high resolution image from Rochester before she shut down. It’s an incredible picture which gives us valuable information about what may be out there in the void beyond London’.

However, Labour bosses are confident that Thornberry may prove useful in the future if she can regain sufficient power. ‘We’re hopeful that she may be able to power up again soon’ says Barnes ‘especially now she’s out of the shadow cabinet and spending a lot of time in The Sun’.

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