Lifetime Presidency ‘too short’ claims Putin

After two stints as President, two as Prime Minister and now another as President, Vladimir Putin is still unable to justify stepping down in the foreseeable future when there’s ‘so much more to do’, according to reports from the Kremlin.

‘I’ve given this a lot of thought,’ said the President, who still retains his boyish good looks and youthful frame despite 15 years at the top. ‘The way I look at it, 2020 is too soon for a guy like me to stop. It’s going to take until the end of 2015 to reunite Russia with the Ukraine, a couple of years more to bring Albania back into the fold and then there’s Poland? And the Baltics?’

‘Come on, Rome wasn’t invaded in a day,’ he added, circling a date in 2022 that had ‘invade Rome and pick up dry cleaning’ penciled in already. ‘Don’t take that too literally,’ he joked, ‘There’s no hurry for the dry cleaning.’


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