London looking forward to ‘Boris-free Sundays’

‘It’s an inspired idea,’ said one resident, talking about the proposal that Boris Johnson would stay off the streets, off the airwaves, out of the way and would only talk complete shite in the privacy of his own home on Sundays.

‘I hope he’s serious,’ said another Londoner. ‘I can’t venture out without being nearly mowed down by him on his bicycle, the man’s a menace. A Sunday free of Boris would be very welcome,’ he said.

Not everybody agrees with the idea. ‘I don’t want him hanging around the house all day,’ said his wife. ‘Why do you think I encouraged him to stand for Mayor – at least it gets him from under my feet most of the time. Back in the day when he was an MP he would be home Friday, kicking his heels and being a bit of a nuisance, now he’s busy most of the time. The only way I can see how to tie him up for longer is to make him Prime Minister. I’ve had a quiet word with David and it looks like we’re in with a chance,’ she said, giving a cheeky wink.


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