Sony to fire film reels into North Korea in retaliation

Sony has vowed to retaliate against the ‘unwarranted hacking’ of its computer system by North Korea by moving a battery of film reel launchers up to the 38th parallel. ‘If they think The Candidate was disrespectful, wait until we lob copies of Bad Haircut, one of Ryan Sommers Baum’s best roles,’ a spokesman said.

Pyongyang has retaliated by threatening to fire its entire film stock, much of which is on Betamax, into the South China Sea, China has moved its entire film industry close to the Korean peninsula and is prepared to commence aggressive filming within 45 minutes and the US government has mobilised Hollywood to do a blockbuster. David Cameron, meanwhile, has pledged the entire British film industry to be placed on standby to knock off a Lottery-funded crime caper unless everyone else calms down immediately.


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