Hero pilot saves 100,000s of lives

After a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 recently performed an emergency landing on only 12 wheels, BA pilot James ‘Hero’ Wilson today recounted how he has also saved countless lives during his career. ‘I literally saved 430 lives only yesterday when I heroically landed a jumbo jet at Heathrow. In fact not a workday goes by without me rescuing hundreds of people by landing the plane,’ the modest captain said.

Passenger Maisie Smith agreed: ‘Captain Wilson is my hero. I was travelling back from New York oblivious to the fact that I did not know anyone on the plane who could land it, but the Captain told the passengers he could. Which was a great relief, obviously.’

‘If I didn’t land the plane none of the passengers would and we would all crash and die. It’s just lucky I’d had some training and was in the right place at the right time,’ added Captain Wilson as he picked up his Malaysian Airlines Arrived Alive award.


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