Restraining order for lover who sent drummers, dancing ladies and geese


London Magistrates have issued a restraining order against a man accused of conducting a twelve day campaign of harassment and intimidation which has ruined a young woman’s Christmas and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to her house.

The court heard how David Merryweather met Jane Ramsey just before Christmas while speed dating, and immediately developed a fixation with her. ‘Although he’d only just me, he immediately started calling me his ‘True Love’, which I found a little weird’, a distressed Ms Ramsey admitted. ‘I didn’t really think too much of it, but then a few days later a small tree thing turned up on the doorstep with this crazy little fat bird in it.’

Ms Ramsey said that over the next four days, a total of ten birds of varying sizes appeared in her garden. ‘The noise and the smell was just awful’ the court heard.

Things worsened over the next week. Magistrates heard how on consecutive days, Mr Merryweather filled Ms Ramsey’s house with ovulating geese, a herd of dairy cattle, a flock of swans, the cast of Riverdance and a dozen aristocrats – who Ms Ramsey suspects were high on cocaine.

Further torment was caused by a group of bagpipers, who played ‘Scotland the Brave’ continuously outside her bedroom window one night. The court also heard that West End percussionists ‘Stomp’ were hired by Mr Merryweather to play throughout the night. Speaking under oath, Ms Ramsey then told how Mr Merryweather had given her five gold sovereign rings, bought from Elizabeth Duke. ‘Who the hell wears five sodding gold rings? ‘Who does he think I am, a drug dealer?’


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