Blair retires as Middle East Peace Envoy; ‘my work is done’


There was a champagne reception for Tony Blair yesterday as he left his post as Middle East Peace envoy surrounded by bouquets and cards congratulating him on a job well done.

‘It just shows that if you set your mind to something it can be achieved. I’m not pretending that it wasn’t difficult at times, that there weren’t huge obstacles to be overcome, but I think we can look back at where Israel/Palestine was when I started on this job eighteen months ago and agree that the peace situation is very different now.’

President Bush paid tribute to the achievement of Tony Blair and acknowledged that the former British PM was one of the few people to have done more for peace in the Middle East than President Bush himself. ‘Some folks didn’t think it was achievementable, but Blair has helped implementated a lasting piece of cord.’

Tony Blair is now said to be considering other challenges; among them, reversing the credit crunch and ending global warming, although his flight home from Israel was apparently delayed due to safety concerns in the Gaza area.

Later on, a late night caller to a local radio station explained that there was in fact a lasting solution to the Palestinian problem. ‘They should just get in there and sort it all out’ explained gatehouse attendant Bryan Duffy. ‘Somebody should get in there and bang some heads together.’ Peace is expected to follow as soon as this formula is implemented.

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