Neighbours say local man ‘trying a bit too hard not to look like serial killer’

The inhabitants of the sleepy village of Perston have noticed something they describe as ‘creepily normal’ about their new neighbour Arthur Mooney, whom they find ‘just a bit too open and outgoing’.

One perceptive neighbour noticed that Mooney makes a point of never digging his garden at unsociable hours – he believes he even mentioned how hard it would be to use a spade in the dark at 3am.

Meanwhile, Martin Fee, one of the many to be invited in to Mooney’s house for tea, noted how he left his refrigerator open just a few seconds longer than necessary when getting the milk out: ‘He might as well have shouted ‘look, no human body parts.’‘

Some are getting fed up of the newcomer’s efforts to divert suspicion. ‘He’s pushing the ‘regular guy’ act a bit too far’, says the occupant of the house next door. ‘I can’t go outside without him coming up talking about how the evenings are drawing in and there’s nothing worth watching on telly these days. If they don’t arrest him soon, I’m going to have to plant a corpse in his garden.’


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