Well-off housewives slam Benefits Street claimants as ‘downright lazy’

simply shameful, darling

Britain’s large population of wealthy middle class housewives have today raised their concerns about the UK’s ever-growing population of ‘spongers’. The hotly debated topic, highlighted in Channel 4’s controversial Benefits Street documentary, has left thousands of homemakers up and down the country ‘furious’, with many labelling claimants on the show ‘vile and downright lazy’.

‘I recorded this Benefits Street and add it to my list of things to watch after Loose Women,’ said Heather Shields, who has been out of work since 1987 following her marriage to a successful stockbroker. ‘I couldn’t believe these people, lazing about on their sofas watching telly and eating Pot Noodles all day. Men like my husband have to get out of bed every morning, make breakfast and run a bath for their wives, then go to work just to fund the lifestyles of these people. It really makes my blood boil’.

Unskilled 42-year-old homemaker and Daily Mail reader, Kelly Emerson, who has three cars and a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds, agreed. ‘What do these benefit claimants contribute to society exactly? They use ridiculous excuses like the rising cost of living, the lack of available job opportunities, and being “born into poverty”. And they’re fat. Why are they always fat? Look at me – I haven’t worked since 1991, yet I keep myself in shape because I made the effort to call a personal trainer.’

After a genetic twist of fate ensured she never had to go more than three-months without an alpine skiing holiday as a child, Emma Rowe, a 38-year-old housewife from Taunton who now spends her time keeping the living room tidy, providing there’s nothing good on TV, said that she was appalled by the class of people who rely on hand-outs for survival, when others have to make their own way in the world.

‘If you can’t afford your bills, just ask your parents or husband to sort it out or something, not the taxpayer,’ said Rowe. ‘Dads have big brown leather wallets for a reason, you know. Mum and dad paid for me to travel extensively around Asia when I was younger, and I saw lots of poor people, so I know exactly what it’s like and how tough it is. But being poor in Asia is inspirational, being poor here is just disgusting.’

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