Cool female friend ruins strip club visit for all


A planned outing to Rumpleteazerz strip club was ruined for a group of young men last night after they were cajoled into allowing one of their female work colleagues to come along for the night.

Despite assurances from all who made the trip from their Victoria-based recruitment consultant company that ‘it would be kind of cool’ to allow co-worker Cassandra Macavity to accompany them to the club, it was soon apparent that their optimism was decidedly misplaced and that her presence there made the evening awkward and embarrassing for all other patrons.

‘Before we actually got there I just thought that it might be a modern, acceptable and possibly sexy thing to do’ admitted co-worker William Bailey. ‘But I found the presence of a lady who I know really ruined the whole fantasy of portraying all women as objects of lust and no more’.

Club manager Gus Alonzo has said that the appearance of women patrons is a growing trend that has seen takings at his club fall; ‘The men spend less on drinks when they bring female friends along with them, and there are less special paid dances as well. Some groups are happy to watch their lady friend have one dance with one of our girls and that’s your lot. It’s a real shame, a real shame.’

Ms. Macavity was said to be blissfully unaware that her chat with the pole dancers saw the only conversation in the room that displayed genuine interest on both sides and that her post-modern half-ironic gesture of solidarity with her fellow employees may have actually cost her all important kudos with her workmates.

‘It was good fun!’ she claimed, ‘and nice to see that the girls there are not patronised, drooled over and demeaned. We only stayed at the club for half an hour and then went to get pizza. I had a great time, got to know the guys a bit more; I asked pop-questions about what their parents do, how their sisters were getting on at university and about their girlfriends and wives and stuff. I’m just surprised they didn’t want to stay longer.’

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12th February 2009

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